Main Engine crankshaft deflection check

How to check the Main Engine crankshaft deflections?

It is important to check the crankshaft deflection of your engine to monitor the alignment of your crankshaft and save the engine from big troubles and costly repair.

Normally this can be checked at the interval of every 4000 hrs. On the condition of increased vibration of your engine this can be done on a much shorter interval to immediately rectify the misalignment and extend the service life of your engine.

1. Pre-lubricate the engine for a few minutes.

2. Remove crankcase covers at both sides of the crankcase.

3. On the crankweb punched point, mount the dial gauge.

4. Start at cylinder 1 and turn crankshaft clockwise till crankpin is +- 15 after Bottom Dead Center (BDC)

5. Place dial gauge at position ‘A’ in between the center punched points of the counter weight. This is starting point ‘A’ for dial gauge reading.

6. Turn crankshaft till the dial gauge is in position ‘B’ , ‘C’ , ‘D’ , ‘E’ and record the dial gauge reading on each positions.

7. Repeat procedure for the remaining cylinders cranks.

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