Eastham port, U.K.

One of the most beautiful and serene places in U.K. I have visited is Eastham. The town is so calm and tranquil, so perfect for soul searching. One can see the different colors of bushes and flowers from their port holes. The very attractive Cherry blossom trees are standing right at terminal’s gate.

Eastham is cited as one of the oldest villages on the Wirral Peninsula and has been inhabited since Anglo Saxon times. The name derived from its location: ham (home) situated to the east of Willaston, which was then the principal settlement.

Eastham Country park is a perfect place where you can play with squirrels and see different kinds of plants and flowers not familiar especially on tropical countries.20180426_161703One of the Eastham Country park attractions that caught my attention were the park benches dedicated to their love ones. “Happy childhood memories dedicated to our Pammy” 1958 to 2014. I have no idea who Pammy was but I’m pretty sure her parents loved her so much. 😍



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