How to add or top up oil in Provision Refrigeration Compressor

When you see that your oil level in the sight glass is in minimum level, inform the 2nd Engr. immediately so as to plan and carry out the topping up.

1. Be sure to put the appropriate refrigeration oil in the compressor. By using the hand pump with necessary hose connections, pump some oil in a clean bucket to prime the pump, hoses and to ensure that these are free from impurities.

2. Pumping down the system is good but not necessary. Stop and switch off the compressor.

3. Shut the suction and discharge valves of the compressor.

4. Connect the hose coupling to the charging oil valve. Before tightening the coupling connection, pump some oil out to purge it. Tighten the valve.

5. Start pumping oil inside and observe through the sight glass. Maximum level is 3/4 of the sight glass.

6. When the right level is attained, half open the suction valve and slightly open the discharge valve.

7. Start the compressor and slowly open the discharge until full open. Do the same on the suction valve.

8. Observe and do not leave the compressor until normal running condition is confirmed.

Job done by 2E Dima Rusanov

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